7 new favorite pictures in the October 2012 7-up! All photos were taken in October 2012 and posted by you in Flickr group ‘ Your best street photo’.

Check out the photos; if you click on the photo you will be linked to the image on Flickr and you can have a look at the photo stream of the photographer.

Fernando Coelho

Achim Katzberg

Thomas Richaudeau

Georgie Pauwels

Bastian Staude

Thomas Leuthard

Hugo Bernard

All photos are published with consent of the photographers.
Intermediate position of the group: 456 members posted their 1947 best street photos.

I hope you enjoyed my selection.  I experienced good compositions, light, mixed emotions, tension, close-up and so on. All components that make great street photos.

Please join ‘Your best street photo’  and post your photos taken in November 2012. I will select my 7 favorites on December 8th.

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