It took some time to get the approval of all photographers. Here they are:  my 7 favorite pictures posted by you in Flickr group ‘ Your best street photo’. All photos were taken in May 2012.
Tough job this time. There are always one or 2 crackers. Those are the easy ones because I don’t have to think longer than 1/1000 of a second. But after that choice I had to pick another 5 out of 30 good ones. It never took me so much time. The quality of the photos is very good in this group!

There were some very good pictures with children in it. I never publish pictures of children that you can recognize. Not my own pictures and not the pictures of others. It is not a problem that you post them in the group, but they will never get featured.

Intermediate position of the group:
373 members posted their 1451 best street photos.

Take a look at my selection of May 2012 in ‘Your best street photo’:
(if you click on the photo, you will be linked to the image on Flickr and you can have a look at the photo stream of the photographer)

Igor Rudenko

Incredible street photo. Very cinematic. It looks like Igor put all the actors in the right position. Beautiful B&W and a perfect composition. My favorite of this month. Well done Igor.

Jeff Krol

Very impressive street portrait. The tones are magnificent, beautiful DoF and the guy looks very much like a gentleman. Very good work!

Carandol Eruaphadion

The great thing of this group is that we can see street photography from all over the world. I can assure you that a photo like this can never been taken in The Netherlands. Carandol lives in The Philippines and I guess he took the photo here. It shows a lot of people in a small space. (Younger people don’t let the old woman sit: this was not a correct interpretation by me. In the comments below you can find an explanation by Alan). Great mood!

John Drossos

Good example of  public transport reflection street photography. The picture has a classic touch, also caused by the looks of the woman. The lovely smile is a bonus for all of us.

Rodi Kanjo

Very eye-catching photo. Of course my first look is at this beautiful woman in her yellow dress. But there are so much other things to discover: her hat and the shadows on her face, the boy with the cap and the child swimming in the back.
Details like the bag and the shoe draw the attention again to the yellow dress …
(the children on this picture are not recognizable, thats why I have no problem publishing it)

Hugo Kintzler

This picture shows to me how beautiful simple street can be. I like the composition and the contrasts. The man is listening to the radio according to the title. When you look at the large size on Flickr you can see that. Good work!

Ronan / ImageAllThePeople

Another reflection photo. The color tones are gorgeous, and the smile of the woman too. Nice contrast with the expression of the man. I like the framing of the leading actor. Lot’s of details, like her hands, the sugar pot, the print on the t-shirt of the man, the person on the right, the reflections.

I hope you enjoy my selection as much as I do.  All photos are published with consent of the photographers.

Please join ‘Your best street photo’  and post your photos taken in June 2012. I will select my 7 favorites July 7, so you have enough time left to shoot your 2 best June photos.

If you want to check out previous versions of 7-up!s, here they are!

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