More color than B&W in my April 7-up! Colors that add something to the photo, without color they wouldn’t be so interesting.

I am happy to feature my 7 favorite pictures posted by you in Flickr group ‘ Your best street photo’. All photos were taken in April 2012. There were lots of other good photos since the last 7-up! but for the feature I select only photos that were taken in the specific month. Keep up posting old photos if they are your best.

Intermediate position of the group:
333 members posted their 1322 best street photos.

Take a look at my selection of April 2012 in ‘Your best street photo’:
(if you click on the photo, you will be linked to the image on Flickr and you can have a look at the photo stream of the photographer)

Brian Sparks

What a fantastic color explosion! The DoF is great and gives the photo a nice perspective. The color of the smart phones matches the trees very good. This photo makes me happy!

Thomas Leuthard

Everything is good in this photo. Composition, light, shadow, perspective, PoV. Master piece! What can I say more than I wished I was there on that moment with my DMC-GX1 …

Nancy Lehrer

Beautiful color tones, composition good. I love the subtle details like the hair in the wind and her hand keeping her dress in place. The movement of the train and the reflections in the window. And don’t forget the blue tone nails … Very good!

Bernard Jolivalt

I selected this photo because it is original story telling.  Such a recognizable scene on the street recorded in 3 simple pictures. Fun!

David Martin

Strong portrait of a woman struggling with her umbrella in wind and rain. I love the light on her face and umbrella. Good contrast. I am not sure if the background is blurred during post processing, but it works good here.

Vasco Leao

The title ‘ Out of the shadows’  is exactly what we see here. Strong composition, beautiful B&W. I love these minimalistic photos and know they are not easy to make. The trees are nice, the position of  the second person is not 100% perfect, but who cares?

Gerard Dubois

Very impressive shot! A very threatening sky, lightened by the stadium lights. The people framed between the walls and the floor. Good PoV. I keep on looking at the people and try to figure out their emotions.

I hope you enjoy my selection as much as I do.  All photos are published with consent of the photographers.

Thanks everybody for posting your photos every month!

Please join ‘Your best street photo’  and post your photos taken in May 2012. I will select my 7 favorites June 9, so get your cam and hit the streets!

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