I am excited to feature my 7 favorite pictures posted by you in Flickr group ‘ Your best street photo’. All photos were taken in March 2012 and they are all very special in their own way.

The selection process is very subjective of course. I use Evernote to store the first selection. I create 2 sections: best and good.
Photos that really stand out, end up in ‘best’ immediately.  Most of the time that’s one or two photos. The rest are stored in ‘good’, this time 20 photos exactly. I open all pictures in Flickr and look at their composition, scenery, mood, light and color. I shuffle with the tabs to order my favorites. And like always I think ‘ why didn’t I named this column 15-up!

The name is 7-up! and here they are:

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303 members posted their 1211 best street photos.

Take a look at my selection of March 2012 in ‘Your best street photo’:
(if you click on the photo, you will be linked to the image on Flickr)

Tany Kely

I’m a big fan of the pictures of her. She has the talent to make some special of ordinary street scenes. Composition, movement, the beautiful tones in B&W, the light, the shadows. It’s all there!

Sven Scholz

Beautiful combination of color, light and shadows. A lot to see and to discover. The colors of the flag divide the image in two. Very good one!

Emilie Houwat

Priceless expression! Her eyes are really eye-catching. I like the point of view. A good moment that makes me laugh when I look at it.

Hugo  Kintzler

Perfect timing here, good composition and it’s got a lot of humor in it. Fine B&W processing. Love it!

Rafael Franco

Interesting self-portrait. It is an intriguing photo with a lot of reflections and nice lines that lead you into this shot.  Different layers. I like it a lot.


Good street scene and perfect timing. It speaks for it self. (‘ DomFeger’  means Dom Cathedral Cleaner)
I like street workers; I have my own series with street workers.

Sjoerd Booij (www.sjoerdbooij.nl)

Fantastic light on the faces of the two men. And a beautiful view on a typical Amsterdam street. This photo gives me an Ed van der Elsken  feeling.

I hope you like my selection in this 7-up! All photos are published with consent of the photographers.

Thanks everybody for posting your photos every month!

Please join ‘Your best street photo’  and post your photos taken in April 2012. I will select my 7 favorites May 6th, so you still have plenty of time to post.

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