Unfortunately I had to skip a few months of this column. I was simply too busy with my work to even make any photo on the streets myself. A pity because I have seen lots of good street photos in the other months.

But I picked my 7 favorites from photos that were taken in February 2012. So please don’t be disappointed if you posted photos that were taken in another period. It’s fun to look at them, but I will only feature photos that were taken recently.

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Take a look at my selection of February 2012 in ‘Your best street photo’:
(if you click on the photo, you will be linked to the image on Flickr)

 Jason Martini

Absolutely my favorite. What a classic street photo! Beautiful character, i like the low point of view  and the background. Cracker!

Linda Wisdom

I keep looking at this photo. The expression of the woman is wonderful. She wants to hide behind the flowers, but she is also curious. It’s crowded and the composition is difficult, but it works very good for me.

Roduan Kanjo

I see a lot of reflection photos, it’s fun to do. Strong for me is that head and hands seem to be apart from his body. It’s like a ghost. Good expression and although there are a lot of reflections, the photo is quite calm. I probably had cropped a part of the right of the photo, but that’s very personal.

Bart van Dijk

Normally I am not very interested in street photos  with people shot from the back. In this case it works good with the text on the poster. It makes me think what they are looking at. I like the composition although I had cropped a little bit on the right and left.

Hugo Kintzler

What I like of this photo is the strong contrasts. I wonder what the boy is doing.  There is lots to see in this photo. Very good one!

Linda Wisdom

I won’t make it a habit to feature one person twice, but I couldn’t resist this one. Such a beautiful intimate moment and good timing of the shot. Difficult light conditions, very good photo!

Dan Redrup

Good eye and good moment. I like the details, the hands of the kid, the toy in the window. Nice B&W processing.

I hope you like my selection in this 7-up!

‘You recognize a good street photo  when you see it’ – Fokko Muller

Thanks everybody for posting your photos every month!

Please join ‘Your best street photo’  and post your photos taken in March 2012. I will select my 7 favorites April 4th, so you still have plenty of time to post.

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