7-up! best street photos september 2011


7-up! number 7, kind of a lustrum I guess!

Have a look at my 7 favorite street photos that were taken in September 2011 and were posted in the Flickr group ‘Your best street  photo’.
I would like to thank everyone that posts their 2 best street photos every month. It’s a pleasure to check out the photos and see what’s happening on the streets all over the world.

Intermediate position of the group:
254 members posted their 819 best street photos.

Take a look at my selection of September 2011 in ‘Your best street photo’:
(if you click on the photo, you will be linked to the image on Flickr)

Florian t h e _ d u d e

A very impressive picture. The light and colors are amazing. There is so much black and it makes this photo very strong in my opinion. Definitely my favorite of September.

Laurent Roch

Such a beautiful portrait from this old lady. I like the contrast, the light and the b&w processing. Very strong picture.

Carla Drago

I like the composition in this photo, the talking women, the child looking at you and the guy taking the ‘Simit’. Lovely tones although it’s a little dark in my opinion.

Brian Sparks

Good decisive moment in Venice, the boys afraid of some shit coming out of these sea gulls.  Typical 50mm shot, good focus and nice blur.

Pedro Santiago

A great portrait of this man. Lots of details: his face, the big ears, shoes without laces, titties, the horse. Beautiful!

Hugo Kintzler

Funny shot because of the composition.Well seen and shot on the right moment. Good detail is the man in the top right corner.

Chris Moret

Nice geometric street photo. Good point of view. Your eyes are guided through this scene. Nice grey tones. I think I would have cropped the arm in the bottom right.

I like them all, how about you?

Please join ‘Your best street photo’  and post your photos taken in November 2011. I will select my 7 favorites December 10th, so you still have plenty of time to post.  The 7-up of October will be posted soon. I’m one month behind schedule.

Let me know which photo you like most in a comment!