7-up! best street photos july 2011


Here they are,  my 7 favorite July street photos of the Flickr group ‘Your best street photo’. My congratulations to the 7 street photographers!

This selection is from photos that were taken in July 2011. No problem if you upload older pictures. I saw real beauties from the past, but they will not be featured here. Well, get out on the street and take your August best ones!

Intermediate position of the group:
199 members posted their 562 best street photos.

Take a look at my selection of July 2011 in ‘Your best street photo’:
(if you click on the photo, you will be linked to the image on Flickr)

Linda Wisdom

I like this picture because of the motion, the light in the clothes, composition and the beautiful b&w. The second layer is also interesting, lots of things to see.

Thomas Leuthard

I featured Thomas more than once. He makes a lot of high quality pictures. The focus on the child with an expression that could mean a lot of things. The second view is in the street into the light where you see a big guy in black. My third view goes to the 2 guys sitting and looking at you. Great composition and well timed.

Pedro Santiago

This photo has a lot of drama in it. The struggle through the water of the woman, the people sheltering from the heavy rain. Lots of grey tones with the reddish bag. The courage of the photographer with a 50mm, he was in the rain too I guess.

Huub Louppen

This photo makes me laugh every time I look at it. Quite an amazing figure of this woman. Strong composition, the tree divides the picture in two. Lovely soft tones with the orange blouse of the lady. The two ‘things’ above the window distract me a little.

Edwin van Laer

I like the fine colors here. Good composition, beautiful light, the broad shouldered young man in this typical Amsterdam street.

Hugo Kintzler

Strong composition in two layers, I like the B&W. The woman inside with her umbrella. If Hugo waited one second longer, the position of the woman would probably be stronger.

Pieter van Roijen Fotografie

Like the minimalism in the composition, the geometric structure. The lunching people and the waiting pigeons. For me the people are quite dark, but that’s a question of taste. Pieter’s hallmark is quite visible here.

I hope you will join ‘Your best street photo‘ and post your two best shots taken in August 2011. Next selection will be done at 7-9-2011. Maybe you will be featured next month!

Don’t forget to make your photos downloadable.

Let me know which photo you like most in a comment!