7-up! best street photos june 2011


Yep, time to present my 7 favorite street photos posted in the Flickr group ‘Your best street photo’!
Don’t be disappointed if one of yours is not chosen. Try again in July and make a better one. And to be clear, this selection is from photos that were taken in June 2011. I don’t feature old pictures.

Intermediate position of the group:
172 members posted their 462 best street photos.

Take a look at my selection of June 2011 in ‘Your best street photo’:

Carandol Eruaphadion

The red and pink colors are lovely, composition and the two numbers 3 are great. Well seen.

Huub Louppen

Fantastic composition with this big guy and the relatively small woman walking in the picture. Beautiful black and white.

Thomas Leuthard

Amazing light on the woman’s hair and the profile of her face. Strong composition. Classic look.

Derk Zijlker

Fantastic action, composition and colors. You can almost feel the tension on the bodies of the kids.

Nicolas Jahan

Beautiful light and shadows. Composition is good with the detail of the stoplight as finishing touch.

Bart van Dijk

Strong composition, the ‘V’ shape, it makes me smile, especially when you know that the focal length is 65mm. Photographer with strong nerves.

Gerald Streiter

I like the composition and the expression on the faces of these people is amazing.

Click on the image and you will go to the original photo on Flickr.

Feel free to join ‘Your best street photo‘ and post your two best shots taken in July 2011. Next selection will be done at 7-8-2011.

Don’t forget to make your photos downloadable.

Let me know which photo you like most in a comment!