7-up! best street photos may 2011


Time flies as I feature the 7-up! for May 2011 already. All selected photos were posted in the Flickr group ‘Your best street photo’.

I’m happy to see that two of the photos were taken by women. I see a lot of discussions in the street photo community lately, why there are not many female street photographers. To be honest,  I don’t know. Some say because you got to have balls to shoot on the street. Well, the women I feature here, sure have balls.

Intermediate position of the group:
134 members posted their 330 best street photos.

I hope you enjoy my selection of May 2011 in ‘Your best street photo’:

Linda Wisdom

Strong composition, patron of stones and stripes, light, afro silhouette, position of his legs. Simple and strong, classic look.

Dan Redrup

Great framing, minimalistic, good balance, small details. This photo tells a story although 80% is just a wall.

Georgie  Mathew

Very colorful, sad or tired expression on the face of the children, third child only visible partly, boy holding the hand, movement, slightly out of focus.

Thomas Leuthard

Beautiful light, the eyes and her hand, strong composition, reflections, the concentrated expression of Thomas as the finishing touch.

Pernilla Holm

Beautiful colors, light, high angle, runner and dog, the long orange line of the dog gives this shot the extra dimension.

Carandol Eruaphadion

Beautiful light, 4 hands on the handlebars, finger on the break, expressions on their faces.

Wouter Brandsma

Soft light on woman loading the guns, nice contrast with family on the background, two planes.

Click on the image and you will go to the original photo on Flickr or to the website of the photographer.

Feel free to join ‘Your best street photo‘ and post your two best shots taken in June 2011. Next selection will be done at 7-7-2011.

Don’t forget to make your photos downloadable.

Tip: you can always change the photos you have posted in the group. If you uploaded 2 photos already and you want to change them, just remove them from the group and add another one.

Let me know which photo you like most in a comment!