7-up! featuring your best street photos


In January 2011 I started a new Flickr group ‘Your best street photo’. Photographers can post their two best street photos every month. As we speak 72 members have posted more than 130 beautiful photos and the group is growing steadily.

I would like to feature 7 photos every month on my website. Just to show the quality of street photographers all over the world.

My choices are subjective of course. They will be based on originality, decisive moment, composition, use of color or black and white, but most of all it’s about the feeling a picture gives me.

Enjoy the selection of photos uploaded in ‘Your best street photo’ in March 2011!

Juergen Buergen

Jimmy Dovholt

Huub Louppen

Mike Waller

Lionel Lecocq

Bart van Dijk

Santi Garcia

Click on the image and you will go to the original photo on Flickr.

Note: only pictures that are downloadable from the Flickr group can be published. All photographers gave their permission to publish.

Let me know which photo you like most in a comment!